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    A look at films from Bollywood that fly under the radar

    A look at films from Bollywood that fly under the radar     You think Bollywood and you think truckloads of money, mega stars, media hype, outlandish plot lines, lavish shooting locales and mass frenzy; all whipped up into a heady cocktail. Right ? Wrong. Was passed on this list of 50 films that will make you respect Bollywood and I couldn’t agree more. This list is not an all-time list, and consists mostly of contemporary titles. A cursory glance reveals that the earliest one dates back to the early 2000s. Not bad, considering that that makes it an average of 3 to 4 good films every year. A lot…

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    Jurassic Park Revisited

    “Dr. Grant, my dear Dr. Sattler, welcome …..  to Jurassic Park” I remember it as vividly as if it had happened just yesterday. With great enthusiasm, my father had suggested that we go watch the film at the cinema in our town. They screened foreign films dubbed in Hindi back then and it was no deal breaker for a kid who was just coming to terms with whatever little English he could pick up from dog eared comics of Phantom and Tintin. We were to be disappointed though, as they had removed the film from the screens just the previous week. “Never mind”, consoled my dad and we came back…

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    An idle brain on Youtube

    With nothing else to keep my mind active right now, here is a post that I thought might be useful to millions of office goers who, coincidentally, have nothing else on their minds too. I conjured up a list, in no particular order, of the 10 most imaginative pieces of song writing that lyricists in the Hindi film industry have been able to come up with. If any of these songs are your favorites or this post hurts your sentiments in any way, I might add a short disclaimer – no offence meant. There. 10. Who can drive audiences crazy with just a doff of his cap ? Who can…

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    Was having food in the mess today, Dabangg happened to be playing on a channel and all of a sudden, I realized, is it not common for us to create associations between films and their music with particular periods of our lives and later, on coming across them, be transported back in time ? Let me elucidate a bit.. Songs of DDLJ (vile comments and KJo jokes apart), remind me of my primary school days. The film had been a unanimous hit across India and the globe, its songs were all chartbusters and I have fond memories discussing scenes in the film (Anupam Kher and SRK’s ‘o pochi..o koka..o bobi..o lola’)…