Tales from the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Home to various architectural masterpieces, <a href="https://travelbagtales.com/exploring-the-karnataka-coastline-part-i/">a beautiful coastline</a> and the <a href="https://travelbagtales.com/the-taste-of-udupi/">birthplace of the most famous cuisine</a> in South India.

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    A road trip following the Kaveri

    The Kaveri (or Cauvery) has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. For peasants and the gentry, it is a source of life and livelihood, for pilgrims it is as sacred as the Ganges and for politicians, it is a pivot that might decide the fate of the next election. For tourists and travelers though, the river can be a source of great inspiration. For it is born in a spring adjoining a temple, been a witness to kingdoms and civilizations of great importance through the ages, it’s waters irrigate the great rice bowl lands of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. A gently flowing river, I have often wondered…

  • Mangalore bun at Mita Samaj
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    The taste of Udupi

    My earliest memories of eating out, is going to the Udupi joint in our town and digging into the humble Vada Sambar. Crunchy outside, piping hot inside, dipped in a slightly spicy sambar – it has passed down the years as my go-to snack whenever I step into an Udupi restaurant for breakfast. And speaking of restaurants in Udupi, one of the reasons I traveled the Karnataka coastline was also to taste Udupi’s eponymous cuisine. And we had in Chethan, our friend and also a native of Udupi, our best guide to the place and it’s famous food. Woodlands hotel Udupi Our first stop, was for lunch at the famous Woodlands hotel. We…