Tales from God's own country, the beautiful state of Kerala famous for it's carpet of coconut trees, friendly populace, famed backwaters & beautiful beaches.

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    Kerala,  Nostalgia

    Nostalgia is a rabid dog

    I don’t know why I keep going back in time to May-June 2010, this time of the year. It’s been 3 years now, but I still can’t forget my first memories of that place. There must be a stupid internal clock in my brain that has an alarm set to go off this time of the year. The reasons – maybe it was the place itself and the jaw dropping scenery it made me take for granted for a better part of two years. On second thoughts, maybe it had more to do with the ceaseless rain there. (Utterly magical) WordPress statistics for my blog tell me it is the…

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    On to Varkala

    That night after the movie, we hurriedly got onto a Kerala state transport bus that goes to Trivandrum, hoping to reach Varkala by morning. “3 tickets to Varkala please” was met with an expression of uncertainty..this time, the conductor consulted other passengers (yes, not the other way round) to find out which would be the closest stop to Varkala. That  turned out to be a place called Kollam. So the whole night was spent travelling to Kollam on the ultimate when it comes to luxury transport – a Kerala state transport bus. In the morning, 2 buses and an auto rickshaw later, we found ourselves at Varkala, a beach that ranks right up there…

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    The backwaters of Alleppey

    I woke up the next morning to discover that the bathroom had a hot water faucet, manna dey from heaven for people like me, who are used to Siberian winters on the hill top in our campus (not really, but it had been ages since I had a bath with hot water). After the bath, I decided to adjust the settings on my DSLR so that it could be trusted to deliver when asked to perform. To my unmitigated horror filled with shrieks right out of a Ramsay brothers’ movie, I discovered that I had forgotten the batteries at campus. Since Don and Bhai were not exactly world class photographers…