Nostalgia is a rabid dog
Nostalgia is a rabid dog

Nostalgia is a rabid dog

I don’t know why I keep going back in time to May-June 2010, this time of the year. It’s been 3 years now, but I still can’t forget my first memories of that place. There must be a stupid internal clock in my brain that has an alarm set to go off this time of the year. The reasons – maybe it was the place itself and the jaw dropping scenery it made me take for granted for a better part of two years. On second thoughts, maybe it had more to do with the ceaseless rain there. (Utterly magical) WordPress statistics for my blog tell me it is the incoming batch looking for information (on girls hostels mostly, going by the keywords or even concerned parents) on life in campus. For the benefit of those about to enter IIM Kozhikode, here are a few photographs you won’t find anywhere else, along with a few tips on what to expect.

IIM Kozhikode rains
The rains will lull you into thinking you’ve stepped into a resort. Bad idea in Term 1.
Rains at IIM Kozhikode
Scurry back and forth..and get drenched over 2 years
Rains at Wayanad
And you can see it raining in the hills of Wayanad on a clear day. Those enormous hills (the farthest ones) are usually not visible from campus, this is one of those rare occasions when they chose to reveal themselves
Skies over IIM Kozhikode
You might have to pinch yourself on some days to believe you are actually pursuing higher studies there. On second thoughts, a ‘higher’ experience it is, for some
Roads in IIM Kozhikode
The road to the outside world…before you know it, you’ll be leaving this home for another one. BTW, I’d be indebted to anyone who could tell me what that red building it just a palatial home ? is it one of the numerous institutions dotting the city ?
IIM Kozhikode Amphitheatre
No photographer worth his salt comes out of the 2 years without capturing the famous amphitheater. It is a poster boy for the campus, an iconic image seen every time the institute finds a mention in popular media. Seen here is a rare B&W capture
IIM Kozhikode iconic tower
That IIM in Kerala. This tower always reminded me of Age of Empires. Dunno why. Anyways, access to the tower is secured by a locked door – if ever you get a chance to go up there, drop everything you’re doing and just go.
IIM Kozhikode nights
Nights are when most of the ‘work’ gets done. Days are for sleeping in classrooms for most
A hostel IIM Kozhikode
Inside ‘A’ Hostel – decked up for Diwali. Fraternal bonding will be established and assumed, the status quo will always be challenged but eventually, the old will always make way for the new.
A-36 at IIM Kozhikode
My Room. A-36. (Trivia: Those sketches you see on the wall, they all have the letter ‘B’ in common – Brando, Bruce Lee, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Bill Watterson’s Calvin & Hobbes, Batman aka Bruce Wayne – I noticed this only after I was done with all of them)

Ahh…now I get it. It wasn’t the place, or the rains or the nervous bundle of energy that a young guy walked with, late for the director’s commencement address, to the main gate on the sunny morning of 28th June 2010 when he asked for his hostel room number.

It was the beginning of an association with a fraternity full of brilliant young people, the experiences they made possible and the rough edges they managed to chip away off him.

Nostalgia is such a rabid dog. I am afraid, regret and longing, are rabider.

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