Italy’s restaurants and cafes – A photo essay
Italy’s restaurants and cafes – A photo essay

Italy’s restaurants and cafes – A photo essay

A short photo essay on the sights we saw on Italy’s streets.


“If your mother cooks Italian food, why should you go to a restaurant?” -Martin Scorcese


Cafes in San Marco Venice
The concept of a coffee house, or cafe, was born in Venice, here in San Marco


Grand Canal restaurant Venice
Dining by Venice’s canal is a lovely, albeit expensive affair


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Ponte Vecchio Florence
Jewelry shops and luxury watch brands line the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, as also musicians and artists come evening time.


Artsy souvenirs in the form of painted ceramic plates and paintings of the Tuscan countryside adorn the steep streets of the hilly town of Montepulciano in Tuscany. These looked authentic compared to the (cheaper) ones we had seen in Florence’s Mercato Centrale.


Pienza PEcorino cheese
Pienza in Tuscany is famous all over Italy for it’s Pecorino cheese, a hard variant of cheese made from sheep’s milk.


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Cafe in Rome
Europe has numerous cafes and in Italy, we found evenings to be a time when cafes would come alive with patrons sauntering in for their fill of ‘aperitivo‘ – drinks hour where the drinks were accompanied by finger food that was usually free.


Pizza in Rome
How can you not have your fill of it, in the place that gave birth to the pizza ?


Coffee in Italy
..Or come away without sharing the Italians’ enthusiasm for coffee ?


Pies and sweetmeats in Italy
..Or resist falling prey to their pies, muffins and delicacies ?


Vintage cars Trastavere Rome
A vintage car used by one of the restaurants attracts every eyeball that walks past.


Rome restaurants
A restaurant gets ready to welcome patrons as the sun sets in Rome


Night in Rome
Once dusk sets in, the cafes and restaurants come alive with good food, fine wine, a general good cheer and most memorably for us, musicians serenading the dining crowd with mellifluous music.


Restaurants and cafes in Trastavere
In Trastavere, we had a jolly good walk along almost every street observing the crowd enjoying their food and drinks, before picking our own establishment to sit down to.

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