Postcards from Valparai
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Postcards from Valparai

Here are some more picture postcards from the trip to Valparai. Charming little Valparai and it’s pretty tea estates.

Sholayar reservoir in Valparai
The roads are quite good and public transport frequents even the relatively deeper reaches of the hill station. Seen here is a bus making its way by the shimmering waters of the Sholayar reservoir. Sholayar itself is around 10-15 km from Valparai town and it takes almost 10-15 minutes by private transport.
Valparai tea estates
It sometimes feels as if somebody came, sat and braided the tea estates on Valparai’s hills. Just like hair. These tea estates are unbelievably manicured, uniformly wide-spread. Would dwarf the other hill stations in South India, without a doubt.
Valparai tea estates
And of course the mandatory, meandering road making its way through the tea estates !
Valparai tea estates
A charming little bridge over the charming stream of a tea estate. Quite picturesque. To be honest, the stream was actually a drain carrying dirty water down from the tea estates.
Valparai tea estates
Another image of the bridge.
Enroute to Valparai - Aliyar dam from a hairpin
A panorama of Aliyar and the serpentine roads that lead up to Valparai. This was shot on the 7th hairpin. Observe closely and you can see the reflection of a cloud in the waters of the reservoir
Aliyar dam near Valparai
We made our way down to the Aliyar dam and the garden. It was hot in the afternoon and the clouds provided a momentary respite . Seen here are ripples on the waters of Aliyar, against the backdrop of the majestic hills of Valparai.


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