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RE-BLOG: A Higher Place, A Divine Treat | OPEN Magazine

Cannot help but re-blog a few scintillating pieces of writing that I read recently.

The first one begins with an introduction to the quaint British concept of hill stations and then delves into details of the writer’s experiences in the charming town of Kodaikanal. Rajni George paints a most endearing picture, one filled with fond memories, insights about the places that only somebody who actually grew up there can reveal, and most importantly, wonderful anecdotes about the people who live in Kodaikanal. Read on to find out more..

A Higher Place | OPEN Magazine.

The next one is a lip-smacking, culinary journey through the temple towns of Tamil Nadu.
V. Shoba guides us through a labyrinthine path across some esoteric and some famous temples; and particularly the ‘prasadam’ and ‘annadaanam’ doled out there, that are still in vogue. She digs into the kitchens of some of these, and whips up narratives on a cornucopia of foods, made out of simple ingredients using arcane cooking techniques and age-old utensils. The aftertaste of this article will lead you straight to one of these temples. I bet. Go it. No, savor it.

A Divine Treat | OPEN Magazine.

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