• Foggy winter morning at Carmelaram
    Nostalgia,  Side Pockets

    Winter morning and chai at an Indian railway station

    It is not even 7 in the morning as I turn on the ignition of my car. In Bangalore, the weather reading on a cold January morning hovers around 15 C or thereabout. Outside, there is a blanket of fog that is so thick, I can barely see beyond a few meters. Onward I muster to the nearby railway station, barely a 15 min drive away. I have promised to meet a friend for early morning chai there. The drive is dangerous in the thick fog. As soon as I get out of the car, the dew drops condensed on the eucalyptus tree branches above patter down on my windcheater.…

  • Bali

    Prologue to Bali and Lombok

    When I was scouting locations for a trip to South East Asia, my only criteria was picturesque waters and clean beaches. The allure of an idyllic beach with all those hues of turquoise, blue and green waters in the background felt like the perfect long getaway I had been yearning for. For some reason though, Thailand seemed like a place I would have gone to, in my early-mid 20s or probably in my late 50s. (Yes, I know it sounds stupid, but lets leave it at that.) Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Laos also fit the bill. But one day, while going through numerous blog reports of people who had been to these countries, I glanced…