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    Chikmagalur Once Again – Kalasa

    Corporate life can make for an insufferable companion sometimes. Some reminiscing about the Chikmagalur trip led to a bout of deja-vu and a strong inclination to visit the Western ghats again, only, this time the monsoons seemed to be in full force with no signs of relenting. To our luck, sunlight dawned one beautiful day that week and with some pushing by my friends, onward we went one Friday night, to a little known place called Kalasa – a town shadowed by its more famous (but still relatively unknown) companion – a pilgrimage town called Horanadu. Kalasa also serves as the base for people trekking up the Kudremukha range. From…

  • Nandi atop Mullayanagiri
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    Chikmagalur Trip – Part II: On to Mullayanagiri

    [Continued from Part I here] Mullayanagiri, standing at 1930 metres is supposed to be the highest peak in between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. Although with over a hundred mountains exceeding 7200 metres in height (3.7 times that of Mullayanagiri), the Himalayas are miles above (ignore the stupid pun) the Western Ghats. On a tangential note, here is an interesting question I was once asked about why people cannot simply take a helicopter ride to the highest peaks in the Himalayas. The answer involves physics. Helicopters rise by pushing the air down using their rotor blades. So when the rotor blades push a lot of air down, at a certain…

  • BB hills near Chikmagalur
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    Chikmagalur Trip – Part I

    [Trip undertaken in Oct 2012] We had just come back from a delightful Hampi trip, that first weekend of October and our feet were itching to go explore Karnataka some more. A couple of debates on possible destinations included Valparai, Ooty and its southern sisters Coonoor, Kotagiri, even Kodaikanal (we did go on a trip to Ooty later) among others. I thought the heat in Hampi had been exhausting and was looking forward to someplace cooler and more refreshing. Chikmagalur had always been at the back of my mind, if for nothing else, because I found the name endearingly funny ever since I was a kid. One image of Ayyanekere…