Hampi Trip – Part III

(Continued from Parts I & II..) The lady at Lakshmi Heritage was kind enough to sew back the button on my shorts the previous day (Shorts or capris are necessary in Hampi's heat, combine it with a linen shirt for maximum comfort) - extra points for the stay then. Phaddu, a round shaped snack … Continue reading

Hampi Trip – Part II

(Continued from Part I here) Moving on, the auto rickshaw guy took us to the Zenana enclosure in Hampi. Wikipedia tells me 'Zenana' is a persian term that was used for areas reserved for women, whereas the areas reserved for men were called 'Mardana'. To the left portion of the enclosure lie the … Continue reading

Hampi Trip – Part I

Trip undertaken in Oct of 2012. After what seemed like an eternity, and after that last trip to Tamil Nadu's silly hill station - Yercaud, we decided it was time to hit the roads again. The road that went north towards Hampi was picked as our best bet ¬†for the simple reason that it would be a … Continue reading