• Nubra valley from Diskit Gompa
    Ladakh,  Travel Bag

    Photos from the Nubra Valley

    Continued from Part I here. Past Khalsar and the Karakoram wildlife sanctuary, is a stretch of road that is straight as an arrow and appears to point straight at the Nubra valley. “This road is called the camel road“, remarks Tashi, our driver, in his usual mischievous tone. Upon being questioned, he bounces in his driver’s seat, mimicking the road’s tendency to make you feel like you are seated on a Bactrian camel that is native to these parts. The road itself is surrounded by flat stretches full of sand dunes, the scale and the diversity of the geography never ceasing to surprise you at any moment. Past it, is another pass that…

  • Shyok on the way to Nubra
    Ladakh,  Travel Bag

    Sights from the high road to Nubra

    Nub-ra: the western district As we cross the Khardung La and leave the high altitude behind, the landscape changes and we are well and truly on the road to Nubra. The snow from the glaciated mountains feeds little streams that irrigates the land, leaving patches of white and green. Set against the deep blue skies, the scenery is a welcome relief from the dirty brown monochrome that is Khardung La.