Ye Commerce !
Ye Commerce !

Ye Commerce !

Online shopping has made life so convenient. I ordered a dress for my niece’s first birthday and it was delivered to them in the USA exactly 1 day after the occasion  Today, I was thinking of ordering a shaving cartridge from flipkart. Wait a minute, did I just say shaving cartridges ? Is it a sign of laziness ? I don’t think so, more of a desire to realize savings. Hmm..won’t those savings be applicable on every such item available online ? Quite possible. Imagine a typical scenario in the not-too-distant future:

Mom: “Chintu !! That stupid kid is playing video games all day. Did you order rice, tur dal, salt and vegetables like I asked you to ?”

Chintu (switching from masalaboard forums to the e-commerce grocery site): “Mom, I’ve already ordered. is saying it will be delivered within 1-2 days.”

Mom: “Curses. You better order some pizza or something online for dinner.”

And people are writing reviews for these items of daily use as well. One sincerely hopes rediff does not set up such a shop online, every review there will degenerate into an argument on religious platitudes. The brain’s spark plug lights up yet another imaginary, but plausible scenario.

Venkat: 23 Aug 2012

Rating: 5 stars

Review: “Kudos to I had ordered these eggs on the 20th and got them on 21st. Wow. Never expected such quick service and in such good packaging. Really hats off(sic). I already had one boiled egg and it is so tasty, absolute value for money.”

1 day later.

Venkat: 24 Aug 2012

Rating: 1 star

Review: “Please ignore my earlier review. I wanted to cook breakfast today and noticed only now that 3 eggs in my order were broken. I called up neighbourhoodstore’s customer care and asked them to ship 3 eggs but they said it must’ve been broken due to carelessness on my part. Don’t know what I am going to eat for breakfast today. Never buy eggs from them again.”

Some bright chaps, from a techno background usually, will go one step further and add some structure to the review.

Smartguy_l33t: 29th Feb 2012

Rating: 3.5 stars

Bought veggies from


  • Nice packaging, perfectly frozen
  • Fresh in taste, fresh in color, fresh in flavor
  • Everybody at home pleased


  • We were supposed to receive 100 gm of mirchi-dhania free. It seems they forgot to pack this.

Add to that the whole ‘integration with social media’ thingimijig and you have a veritable cornucopia of readership delight. The social media addendum will usually be in the form of scrolling text in a small social media box (or twitter box, don’t know what they call these things) in a corner of the e-commerce website.

Jatin from Faziabad just ordered a FTC Flutterby One X !!
“@jatinthedude: Yippee..smartphone world, bow to my knees.. #latestsmartphone #FTC”

Bhopesh Patel from Secunderabad just ordered Khaakra+Farsaan and Fafda+Jalebi!! “@Bhopeshthedude: Suu baat chhe”

Neha Singh just ordered a tennis set.
“@nehacutiepie: tee, pink wristband and pink shoes. all set to rock the tennis court”
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Yawn…dear reader, I should think that is too much bland boring content for one day. Now why don’t you go read the intellectual conversations on rediff for some real entertainment. Until the next blog post then.

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