30 photos to make you want to visit Venice, Florence and Rome
30 photos to make you want to visit Venice, Florence and Rome

30 photos to make you want to visit Venice, Florence and Rome

Here is a photo essay on Italy’s famous troika of Venice, Florence and Rome that is sure to incite travel pangs in people who already have or are yet to visit Italy.


Speedboats in Venice
How can any memory of Venice be complete without it’s canals and boats ?
Gondoliers in Venice
..Or without it’s yodeling gondoliers, in their romantic gondola rides
Canals in Venice
Wandering narrow ‘alleyways’ in Venice was a favorite pastime of ours..
Grand canal in Venice
..as was standing atop the Rialto and enjoying this view of the Grand Canal
Grand Canal in Venice
Everybody learns a new concept when they’re in Venice, traffic jams on water
Rialto in Venice
And everybody jostles with the crowds in Rialto for that one perfect photo.
Masks in Venice
Nobody comes away from Venice without shopping for one of these Venetian masks
St Mark's Square Venice
Or without sipping a coffee, maybe even an expensive one at the square that gave birth to the cafe, while orchestras serenade the crowds
Bridge of Sighs
This sight at the iconic Bridge of sighs will have you bidding adieu to Venice

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Evening at Florence
The Florence experience is incomplete if you haven’t watched the sun go down from the Piazzale Michelangelo
Duomo in Florence
Waking up early in the morning for a crowd free square near the Duomo is a good thing to do
Duomo cupola in Florence
..As is gazing up at Brunelleschi’s lovely brick-red cupola of the Duomo
Uffizzi in Florence
Nobody comes away without walking alongside the works of the rockstars from the Renaissance era
Ponte Vecchio in Florence
Licking a gelato with this view of the colorful Ponte Vecchio is a wonderful memory to take back
Florence and the Vespa
As is spotting uniquely Florentians slights like these
Piazza della Republica Florence
Gelato licking and crowd watching is a wonderful activity to indulge in at it’s famous squares, like the Piazza della Repubblica
Montepulciano in Italy
While you’re in Florence, it pays to take a day off to visit the hill towns in Tuscany
Val D'Orcia in Tuscany
And open your hearts to the beauty of the Tuscan countryside with its cypress lined roads and rolling hills..
Pienza in Tuscany
..Amble about in unknown lanes, stop by to sip some wine and taste the cheese, in ideal towns built during the Renaissance..
Montalcino in Tuscany
..And while you’re at it, savour wood fired pizza while church bells toll in the background

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Pantheon in Rome
Visit the pantheon of architecture, the Pantheon in Rome was one of our favorite memories
Inside the Pantheon in Rome
Do not forget to pick your jaw up from the floor, when you’re inside the Pantheon
Piazza Navona in Rome
Indulge in crowd watching at the Piazza Navona and Bernini’s 5 rivers fountain in Rome while sipping a coffee at one of the numerous cafes lining the Piazza
Spanish steps in Rome
Watch the sun go down, if you can find empty steps at the Spanish steps
Trevi fountain in Rome
And toss a coin at the Trevi fountain, to ensure another visit to Rome
Rome collisseum
Marvel at the gigantic, iconic pieces of architecture in Rome
Roman Forum
..And wander among ruins that are a 1000 years old
St Peter's basilica Vatican city
Cross into the smallest country in the world
Vatican museums
And gape at the astonishing pieces of art inside
St Peters Basilica Vatican city
But do make a promise to yourself that you’ll come back .. one day

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