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About Me


An ordinary guy, on the search for extraordinary experiences. Blogging about the things that I consider truly beautiful in life, and attempting to ramble about the half a dozen million things that cross my mind every day.

I have discovered a lot of joy in travel and photography. On the subject of travel, I am a bit partial to history, culture, folklore and mythology and India is a country that provides all of these in abundance. I am fascinated with, but not particularly brave at trying out local cuisines and would love to get acquainted with fellow bloggers, historians, documentarians, travel writers and even armchair travelers.

My other interests also include technological advancements, meaningful cinema, wars, economics and foreign policy and often feel a compelling need to question why there are boundaries to travel and limits to freedom in a civilization that has been around for more than two millennia. Trying to see the funny side of things and unraveling the beauty of our planet is, in my opinion, one of the few things that mankind needs to desperately do today.

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In an earlier avatar, this blog went by the moniker of garnishednonsense.


      1. Hey!! Lovely blog and beautiful landscapes. Your blog made us book a trip to Mannavanur 🙂 Can you please help us understand how we can trek here. Also, where do we get a guide from; we just checked with Camper’s club and the care taker says he offers only stay and no trekking. We would be grateful if you could help answer this. Thanks!

        1. garnishednonsense

          Hi Poonam,

          Many thanks.
          They’re right..they don’t offer trekking services as such.
          I assume you are talking about trekking around the lake ?
          If you have a vehicle with you..just take it on the road, around
          1-2 Km past the Camper’s club hill and
          you will reach the entrance to the lake.

          From there, its mostly plain areas with small hillocks where they let the sheep graze…. feel free to roam around as you wish and stay clear of the marshy areas
          if they seem unsafe to you.

          There are some forested areas beyond the limits of the Mannavanur lake
          and you’ll have to get in touch with some forest officials if you want to go trekking
          in the forests. Even then, I don’t think it is allowed..but you can check with the
          District Forest Office in Kodai.

          Have fun !

  1. I came across your post about Porthimund, searching for information about that pretty place, because one of my friends put up a photo of it on Instagram. Now, sitting just a few miles away in Europe, I’m feeling particularly restless because that photo and your very well-written post about Porthimund has got my sense of wanderlust up and running. Oh well, have to wait a bit to make that trip
    But your post managed to transport me to that place on its own. The beautiful pictures helped a lot with that! 🙂
    Following your blog for well-packaged information about more such treasures. Keep writing! 🙂

    1. Rahul

      No, I haven’t stayed. Although the caretaker and manager seemed pretty friendly, the place will be a little desolate. Good idea for 2 families, but for 1 family – see if you can accept zero to no amenities. The view will be mind-blowing though.

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