• Gol Gumbaz
    Karnataka,  Travel Bag

    Bijapur Trip – Part III

    [Continued from Part II here] The next day, we had a quick breakfast (from Lalit Mahal’s restaurant itself – piping hot and delicious idly-vadas) and caught an auto rickshaw from outside the KSRTC bus stand. The auto driver, while on the way to the Gol Gumbaz, offered to take us to all the sights in Bijapur for, what was in his opinion, a measly sum of 700 bucks. Last night’s cheap dinner was still on our minds and we thought it was too much – so we bargained down to 500. That would make it a 100 for each of us, which was still too much, a mistake that we…

  • Bhootanatha Temple
    Karnataka,  Travel Bag

    Bijapur Trip – Part I

    [Trip undertaken in Dec 2012] More than a year down the line after my solo trip to Coorg, another new year’s eve was fast approaching. Instinct told me this was going to be another one of those boring occasions when the world parties hard to welcome the new year whereas yours truly tries to forget everything, finishes his night shift job, scouts the city scape in his superhero costume, rescues a couple of victims from the city’s seedy underbelly and then goes back to sleep and wakes up without a hangover in the new year. It was clear that the urge to travel again was fast becoming an addiction. I called up…