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    A road trip along the Karnataka coast – Udupi and Mangalore

    [Continued from Part I] Often on the Karnataka coast, you come across endearing sights of backwaters surrounded by palm and coconut trees, swaying gently with the sea breeze. There is an alternate version of life going on, on these waters that is at once laid back, languid and yet extremely charming. Hands up, if you haven’t sketched some of these scenes in your primary school drawing books. Udupi One does not need to talk a lot on Udupi, considering it is the birthplace of the eponymous Udupi cuisine, that is now famous all over the world. A visit to the Krishna temple and the various eateries dotting the road to…

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    Trip to Gokarna – Day 2

    Gokarna consists of 4-5 beaches and we had planned to explore Om, Half-moon and Paradise beach on the second day. I woke up at about 8 to the sounds of the sea, washed and got ready. The others came around slowly too. After a leisurely breakfast of eggs and toast, it was time to bid Kudle beach goodbye. Om and Kudle beaches are separated by a hill and it is a 20-30 minute trek. It would be good to make this trek early, as it can get quite hot on the hill in the afternoon. Somewhere on top of it, is hidden a gem of a spot that offers a …

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    Trip to Gokarna – Day 1

    A long weekend at the start of the third term, here at IIM Kozhikode, saw me set off with 3 friends for a trip to the beach side town of Gokarna in North Karnataka, India. Tickets were booked by Ankit for a train that departed from Kozhikode at 0220 (odd time, you say ?) on Friday – on the Ernakulam LTT Express. Once we found our births, it was time to hit the snooze button, but for some damn reason, I found (find, rather) it pretty difficult to doze off on a train. The railway line snakes its way through some very picturesque places on the western coast of India…