What a beautiful world ! #1 – Skardu in Gilgit-Baltistan

India’s neighbor, and erstwhile inseparableĀ part of the family is no different when it comes to being blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. How naiveĀ it …

Leh market – An ode to the ancient silk road

A walk through Leh’s main market is like taking a walk back in time, when Leh served as an important meeting point for traders on the ancient Silk Road and those from the Indian sub continent.

The flight to Leh

Prologue The early hours of a Sunday in June. Delhi Airport. The 37 degree heat outside doesn’t seem capable of penetrating Terminal 1D though. Pretty …

Dreams of snow – a getaway to Himachal Pradesh

The mercury has touched the higher 30s here in Bangalore and there has only been a slight respite in the form of short drizzles. With …