• Flight over Leh

    The flight to Leh

    Prologue The early hours of a Sunday in June. Delhi Airport. The 37 degree heat outside doesn’t seem capable of penetrating Terminal 1D though. Pretty soon a considerable queue builds up for a domestic flight. It consists of a motley group of Irish and Australian teenagers, Indians of all age groups of course, a few Europeans as well as a handful of Tibetan monks in their scarlet and brown robes. In no time, the flight is up in the skies, watching dawn break across India from 30,000 feet. For much of the 1 hour flight, a contiguous cloud cover prevents anyone from making out the landscape below. It is only a few minutes before landing is…

  • Snow at Solang valley Manali
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    Dreams of snow – a getaway to Himachal Pradesh

    The mercury has touched the higher 30s here in Bangalore and there has only been a slight respite in the form of short drizzles. With very few destinations in south India that offer an escape from this heat (even the Nilgiris record temperatures in the high 30s during summers), the mind wanders on its own, to my getaway to Himachal Pradesh in north India and its blissful summer escapes. Images of snow capped peaks, the gorgeous yellow evening sunlight lighting up coniferous forests, sparkling morning dew drops and emerald green rivers flowing over rounded white stones keep cropping up every now and then. Such is the longing to get away…